Doctor jobs in PAF:-


The jobs in PAF of doctor if you are a qualified person then you can apply for it its better opportunity for earning.


Salary: 80k to 100k
Age: 24 to 48
Gender: Male/ Female
Skill level: Medical
Designation: Medical Officer/ Doctor
Last date: 30th July 2023
Eligibility: The jobs is for Pakistanis

Join PAF as a doctor:

Branches name:

Medical branch (Specialist)

Medical branch (GDMOs)

The height of a male must be 5 feet 4 inches.
The height of a male must be 4 feet 110 inches.


  1. You have to register yourself on the site which is
  2. After that you have to participate in the first series where they test your intelligence and then conduct your academic test.
  3. After that they examine your medical condition at I and SC.
  4. After that they conduct your physiological test and then an interview will be held on the first AHQ special selection board.
  5. Medical Examination will be held in CMB
  6. Interview will be conducted by the AHQ Selection Board.
  7. After that will be selected by the AHQ board.

join PAF as a doctor


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